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Two part texture

After going back to read other peoples blogs, I realized my original post did not go through, so I will try to summarize it.

I think that Fridays conducting experience was overall a good one. I was not here for the first round of conducting, so I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect. The conducting seemed way less stressful once I got up there than I had made it to be. Once I was up there, I felt much more at ease. I feel like it is amazing that when we become uncomfortable, no matter under what circumstances, we revert to the same bad habits that we once had. Matt commented on the fact that I raise my shoulder and the joint and have a lot of tension. I did not even think about it. When I was a freshman in voice studio class, whenever I would sing my arm would "levitate" as if by some sort of magic. This "magic" was in fact, tension, which has come back after mastering one task and trying to learn another.

Matt also commented that I have a lot of movement in my wrists. I did not even think of how this could effect the overall quality of our sound. I just though I was being expressive. Generally, in music you can almost never go overboard. Its amazing that a simple gesture or body movement can effect a group sitting in front of you in such a dramatic way.

I feel like I have a better insight and direction in which to practice and critique my own conducting, now that I am getting practice with my peers.