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tomorrow shall be my dancing day

I liked seeing the video of last week. It was good to see the change in pattern size and the direct correlation to the sound of those singing. I liked working on softer dynamics, because I tend to get too big to fast. I get really into the music and when I'm excited I tend to use more motion. I liked the correct anatomical functions that we learn from Matt. Knowledge helps me to understand better, so knowing how my arm is to naturally move helps me to be more comfortable and better understand how to communicate. Through thsi week I was reminded that I must be versatile as a conductor. Not every piece can be conducted the same way; we must alter tempo, articulation, and dynamic for each individual song. I needed to remember this, because I tend to stick to the style in which I'm comfortable. I liked exploring with different dynamics and how my body reacts to that. I will work on moving from my collarbone as opposed to only my elbow; and I can even stand to use wrist!