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2/1: Las Amarillas

I think that in spite of getting COMPLETELY lost my first time through, I did a decent job on Friday; at least I kept the beat going steady, and I did eventually find my place. One thing I immediately noticed upon watching the video was that I was rocking back and forth quite a bit. It kind of went away when I got lost, but it probably shouldn't be a trade-off between knowing where I am and knowing how to stand (relatively) still.

The part I found most challenging was jumping between parts in order to cue them; once I was following one line it was hard to find where I was in relation to the other parts. My goal had been to stay with what I saw as the main melody, which was usually the treble II part, but I kept getting distracted by the other parts. I think it was a matter of hearing it for the first time all together, since I never got the chance to look up a recording of the piece being performed. I will definitely look one up before going to Central and working this with the girls there.

One thing I was never sure I was doing right was breath cues. I had a hard time distinguishing between cues for entrances on the beat and those on the subdivision (usually the "and" of the beat). Any tips concerning this issue would be much appreciated.



I'm not sure that I perceive your final question. Would you bring this up at another time, or restate it please?