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Las Amarillas

I am not sure if we are required to blog on our conducting experiences this semester, but I felt it helped me alot, so I plan on continuing.

After conducting, I felt like I did very well for what was presented to us. I was really happy that I was able to relax a little bit, and made some attempt to give attention to entrances when needed.

I was very frustrated that I am still having trouble with my patterns, specifically with my "sweeping" beat one gesture. I have tried several things to have a straight downward beat, but nothing seems to be working. Matt mentioned putting my pinky out and focusing on small beat patterns. I will try focusing on this a little more, but if anyone has any other practical advice, I would greatly appreciate it!



This is what Professor Kirchhoff calls "keeping the downbeat slot sacred". He gives an exercise of conducting to a "map" on the wall - I'd be happy to show you...