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Friday, April 25: Les Etoiles

I believe this was the second time that I conducted "Les Etoiles" and I think I improved. I think I was able to clearly represent the duple and triple meter. My gestures seemed clearer this time around because the ensemble really seemed to follow me. I struggled last time with the final page (with the ritard and alto movement) but this was a lot smoother this time around. I also think that I was much more comfortable with the active and inactive beats. This is a great piece to practice this on and I think it went well

With things to think about before conducting this at Central High School, I will need to monitor what is happening with my left elbow. I didn't even realize I was doing this but hopefully I can remember this while practicing. I have already worked on keeping my left hand under control. I have been rehearsing "Rejoice in the Lamb" with Matt Culloton and I am already making sure it is only used when necessary. I think this was a good week and I look forward to conducting the ladies at Central High School.