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Wood River

For the first time, I actually felt comfortable conducting on Friday. I felt like most things went my way. I know that Matt had other ideas for the solo section, but I was sticking to my guns. I wanted to conduct all of the beats because of the way I heard it in my head. I know that the soloist has some liberties and decisions, but I also think that in a high school environment, you as the director, have a lot of direction too. I felt very comfortable doing it this way.
However, I did still struggle with my forte gesture. I know that I made it bigger than in the past, but I do not think it was big enough. I did not get the response I was hoping for. I thought I was very clear on my crescendo/decrescendo gesture at the end, but I did not get the swell I was expecting. I do not know what to do except try it again next time. I just didn't have enough time to try it until I got it right.
Anyway, I felt very comfortable and pleased this week. I am excited to go out to the school for our final and start doing this regularly fairly soon.