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Friday, May 2nd: "Rejoice in the Lamb"

Considering this was the first time conducting this difficult piece in class, I think it went pretty well. I was pleased that I was able to show the different dynamics; it sounded like the ensemble really responded. I was also pretty confident with the different conducting patterns. This was something that I was concerned about and I think I will get more confident with this with more time and practice.

For things to work on for the next run through, I can make the "3" in my gesture bigger. Dr. Mehaffey and Andrew commented that they were not as large as they should be; they were actually looking like the other beats. I am glad that this was brought to my attention because I am currently working on it. Also, I need to learn when to listen and when to not listen. This piece is tricky and sometimes you need to just get out of the way and just conduct.