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"Happy hour" may be banned in Britain

In an effort to curb drinking, British is considering banning "happy hour" discounts, a spokesperson said Saturday.

Health advocates said that the liver-related deaths are on the rise in young people, according to an Associated Press article.

The proposal is aimed at a growing trend in binge drinking, especially among young adults and teenagers, according the the article.

The government is also looking to improve underage drinking enforcement, the article said.

"'We're seeing a steep increase of deaths in people in their 20s and 30s," a British Liver Trust spokeswoman Imogen Shillito said.

"'This indicates a big problem for many years to come'," she said.

Among people aged 25 to 29, alcohol-related deaths were 40 percent higher in 2006 than the year before, Shillito said, citing national statistics.

"They can buy alcohol with their pocket money," Shillito said about how lower alcohol prices were contributing to drinking among younger drinkers.

In addition to banning "happy hour" discounts, officials are considering banning drinking games that are sometimes played at pubs, according to the article.