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Mall of America expects growth despite the slow economy

Despite dire predictions in sales for the year, the Mall of America stays optimistic by expecting ending up two to three percent in sales, reported Heather Brown from WCCO.

Although that projection may be down from the seven percent in 2007, the MOA is looking to fair better than most other retail places, according the the WCCO.com article.

It may be due to the amusements and variety of shops that attributes to the growth, Dan Jasper, a Mall spokesman, said.

There will still be international shoppers and visitors from Iowa and Wisconsin, too, because there is no sales tax on clothes in Minnesota, Jasper said.

In the past month, three new stores have opened in the Mall, and all are seeing a large number of customers.

The new American Girl store was packed Saturday morning and the line went all the way to the Nike store entrance, reported the article.

American Apparel and True Religion Jeans are also looking to move in later this year. Sometime in the spring, a hotel connected to the Mall will have plans in the making.