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Child photo causes blockage of Wikipedia article in UK

Child pornography concerns block British internet surfers from accessing an article on Wikipedia, the country's Internet watchdog and Wikipedia said Saturday.

The article on a heavy metal music group was added by Britain's Internet Watch Foundation because they found a picture of a nude girl to be pornographic, said Sarah Robertson, a spokesperson for the foundation.

Robertson estimated that the foundation's list affected 95 percent of British residential Internet users, according to the Associated Press article on the topic.

According to Jay Walsh, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation, the blocking of the article has caused many British users to be unable to edit any other articles.

Robertson was not completely sure on that matter, saying "There shouldn't have been any collateral damage."

The text of the article has also been blocked.

"Blocking text is a whole new thing — it's the first time they've done this on such a visible site," Wikipedia volunteer David Gerard said