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October 25, 2005

Hi, My name is Z Mekonen and I am currently a freshman at the University of Minnesota. I am a single child but have a half sister (dad's side), was born and raised in South Minneapolis, and went to school at Seward Elementary. Then I went to Minnehaha Academy for high school. In my spare time I enjoy having fun with friends and playing sports. I played basketball and soccer for high school.
I have a couple of questions. What are your interests in school and outside of school? How do you feel about your school? How do you feel about your teachers?

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October 14, 2005

North Article

I've always known that North Mpls was a hard place to live in due to the fact that I went to school and knew kids who lived there. But I didnt know that the murder had doubled in the past year. And the scary part of that, is that nothing has really changed over there. Its just that many teens, starting at the age of 13 are starting to join gangs and sell drugs which leads to violence. I remember when I was in 8th grade, a couple of my good friends had joined a gang and wanted me to as well. Its not a very easy thing to say no to. Especially for kids who dont really have much a family, a gang provides that support that many kids cant get elsewhere. I on the other hand was able to say no, even though it meant I was losing my close friends at the time, I realized that there were more important things out there. Its unfortunate though that no everyone makes that decision.

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October 12, 2005

Class Video

The video we watched the other day was very shocking to me. I was surprised to see how bad of a shape some schools are in the U.S. I mean, I know how Mpls public school system is, and how the standards are lower over North, but the facilities aren't in as bad of a condition as some of the schools in Ohio. It surprising to learn that some schools dont even have the budget for colored pencils or crayons, and the teachers have to spend their own pocket money to get such supplies for the student. I would have never thought that such things as stadiums and museums are valued more by the government than education is for children.

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October 5, 2005

Class Discussion

I found the class discussion we had on Tuesdays class a good one. I was able to relate really well with the story we had to read about LaRonda, and the factors we talked about. I am able to relate with her because in the past I used to not care about school either. It was "cool" to skip school and not do assignments. I did all that to avoid being called "white" by all of my friends. Because if you do the same things as all other good students who turn in assignments and attend every class, then you're looked at as "one of them". That caused me not to care about school during junior high due to the influence of my friends. But when I went to high school, and left all my friends behind, I was forced to make new friends, and the only way to do that was to take school seriously.

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