Santa Controversy

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This story presented on CNN, shows a shocking reality that still exist in our culture today. A freshman at Cleveland High School in New Mexico was called out upon for wearing a Santa beard and hat. The shocking part is that he was discriminated upon by a recently hired teacher for being black and wearing a Santa beard and hat. The student was embarrassed and did not talk about it until his parents heard of it through other parents. The comment that was made was that the student should not be wearing a santa hat and beard because Santa cannot be black. Teacher that made the remark was not fired. When the father attempted to call the school he was treated as if the matter was not that big of a deal when in fact it was. I think that this type of situation should be looked at thoroughly. The school did not treat the matter with respect and failed to show any attempt at fixing the problem.
I believe that the teacher should potentially get fired based on the way the comment was said. In today's world, racist remarks are constantly been made by people that are not necessarily racist, however they use race as a source to derive humour from. Many comedians have used this technique successfully. However although the teacher was a recently hired, could mean that he might have been young, being surrounding by kids that joke all the time might have triggered the urge to make a "humorous" comment. If that was the case it is understandable but regarding his position it is not the place to make such comments when you are surrounded by teens at their most vulnerable age. The school needs to address the appropriate us of humour, and possibly offer training to further educate teacher on what is appropriate regarding humour. Although it may all be common sense, it would serve its purpose as a constant reminder.

2 questions should be addressed
What criteria should play into effect to decide whether the teacher gets fired?

What does the school need to do, in attempt to address this type of misconduct?

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