Getting into the blog

First things first.  To get into the blog go to UThink (you can find it here: and click on the "Login to UThink" link in upper left corner of the "About UThink" box.

This opens the U's login system where you type in your x500 username and password.  After you've done that you will get to the fabulous dashboard to add your entries to the blog.  It looks like this:

blog dash.png
Once you see this click on "System Overview" button.  It opens a drop down menu at which point you should click on "Crow Headed Thinking" link.  This'll put you where the action is and the action looks like this:

Picture 1.png
At this point, just click on the heading "Write Entry" up in the red bar near the top of the page.  Now you are ready to, you guessed it, write your entry.  After clicking on it, you will get a screen that looks like this:

Picture 2.png
Now all you need to do is type your Title in the title box (for the first assignment you might have a title like Carter's self-portrait and top ten list).  In the "Body" box you can upload your picture to the blog by clicking on that icon in the toolbar that looks like a house with a green yard and the sun rising over it.  

(This icon:    Picture 3.png   )

At this point, the blog software opens up a window called "Insert Image".  Click on the "Upload New Image" button and select the image from your computer that you want to upload.  There are a few steps here, but just follow the prompts on the screen.  Once your self-portrait image is uploaded, you can enter the text of your Top Ten list.

Once your picture is uploaded and your text is entered scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on SAVE. Then click on the little icon that is two arrows pointing at one another in circular way.  It looks like this:

Clicking on that icon should post your entry to the blog.

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