Nicole's Top Ten


Not sure how to make that photo non-gigantor! I figured I'd do this early so I wouldn't forget.

Nicole's Random Top Ten Favorite Things (In no real order):

  • 1. Camping- Camping is a fun way to experience places cheaply. It's a bit of work, but worth it. I adore Minnesota and think it's the best state I've been to--and I have been to a lot of states. The North Shore is by far the most gorgeous place I have seen. 
  • 2. Researching- I can read a Consumer Reports magazine for hours. I will read about washers and dryers, cars, generic foods, all sorts of things I am not planning on buying. I do research stuff I am planning on buying like crazy, even face wash or something of the like. 
  • 3. Music- I love singing, listening to music, and going to shows. I am terrible at every instrument but like to think I'm a decent singer. 
  • 4. Writing- I like to write short stories, poems, and random interesting tidbits I see/hear daily. 
  • 5. Reading- I love to read, especially when camping or before bed. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I am aware how ridiculously cliche that is, yet the book gets better every single time I re-read it. 
  • 6. Watching horribly embarrassing television- So what, I watch The Real World and enjoy it. It's a way to decompress, I suppose. I get to turn my brain off and be entertained. I'm not looking to learn anything when I watch such television.
  • 7. Hanging out with my mom- I happen to have the coolest, most hilarious mom. Simply sitting around is fun with her.
  • 8. Cooking- Cooking and baking are two more ways I de-stress. There is something about mixing up some cookie dough or making soup from scratch. The best part is sharing with my friends and receiving compliments. 
  • 9. Learning about cultures- I have always been fascinated with Greece and ancient cultures. It's really eye-opening to realize that us modern folk aren't so much more intelligent than those who came before us as we would like to believe. My father always talked about how Native Americans are incredible people and truly take care of the land. Look at America's general populace now. This is one of the reasons I took this course, to learn more about Native Americans and challenge myself to get out of my white girl bubble and think in other ways.
  • 10. Biking- I love my bike. I love the freedom of no stop lights (crap, I'm supposed to obey those, aren't I?). I love not paying for gas. I love going on journeys to places I can't reach by car. 

That about sums it up. I have a tendency to ramble, so I apologize. 


Nicole wins! Yours is the first blog post. Your top ten has two of my top picks too: the North Shore and biking. I was just telling a friend that 2009 was the first year I hadn't gone to North Shore in nearly thirty years! I don't know why I missed it last year, but I did. It's the perfect place. I carry a rock from there with me everywhere I go. As for biking, well, you missed the first day of class where I bragged about having biked to work every day since at least the 06-07 school year.

The North Shore IS great, I have NO musical talent whatsoever, MY mom is hilarious, and ancient cultures fascinate ME too! Must be a Johnsville Elementary School/Roosevelt Middle School/Blaine High School/University of Minnesota thing...Wait a tick, are you following me?

I had no idea about the whole crush thing, I was way too shy back then to ever even consider someone having a crush on me haha. Those really were the good ol' days, in my humble opinion. Spitballs were the best. I remember seeing you in Nicholson and I smiled at you, but you didn't smile back, so I figured you didn't remember me. It's a small world we live in...

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