Dimestore Headdress

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Here's the digital story I created for the 29-pointer assignment for our class.  It revolves around a headdress my uncle brought me as a souvenir from one of his trips to the West.


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Hello, how are you all, good I am hoping. I selected the Dimestore Headress to give some written words about the quality of the video, its photography, and its script of words.

I like the photo and how the orater provided the wearer of the hairdo that has some sort of feathered status that he did not provide that titled status if any at all.

I liked the how the orater used himself in that photo as evidence in some long timing of learning ones identity and the identity learned in that White Earth Land Settlement legal entitlements or disentitlements. His early photo gave a big yippii yaye anishaabe with that head wrap full of feathers! Mii iw minik

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