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A late final entry

So I thought this was due the next Friday, although that would not make sense to a normal person. So here it is, late but it's here.

Digital Storytelling Film Festival 2010

                Our film festival/film showing was an overall success, from numbers in the audience to the quality of the films shown - and especially the snacks. Based on the reactions, questions and comments after watching individual films, I'd say the audience was all-in-all intrigued if not involved. Although there were a few technical snafus, which were disguised with snack breaks, the overall flow of the show was unaffected and it all went well.

The group project I was involved in that we showed did not end up being as funny as I (or my group members) thought it could have been, or at least I think so. We may have been too vague with the humor we tried to use, or a little too dry maybe. However, I think the end reaction and message taken was the same as it would have been if they were actually laughing while watching the video. There are certain parts that our group laughed at while no one else did, I would say these are obviously some of those 'you had to be there' funny stories.  I would have to say that our group project, while not as humorous as initially intended, was a success.  

Out of the other films shown my favorites were probably the music video and traditional story made into animation. I would venture to guess that it would be because I have seen the process of making them and have seen the progress from stage to stage. I thought they looked really good on the 'big screen' and the final edits from the last viewing worked really well. I thought the music video people did a really good job taking the advice and critique from our class and making their project better with it. Mixing Sunny's Ojibwe version of the Nana-no not gonna try to spell it story in before the English version of the tale made the video ten times better I think. Overall everything was a success, the festival and the class throughout the entire semester.  

Final project response

I was extremely delighted to be there on Wednesday night and I was even more excited to see how just about everyone from our class participated.  And although I wasn't able to stay for the entire viewing (due to my mini assistants) from what I did see, I was thoroughly impressed.  I felt proud to be showing our movies amidst our peers and other members of the American Indian program.  There seems to be a sense of ease among all members that I've never felt in another class or major/study.  Instead of feeling like monotonous work, going to class all semester as well as attending our film festival felt more like catching up with friends and sharing meaningful conversation and opinions rather than a requirement.  As for the films we viewed, I especially enjoyed how everyone seemed to be genuinely interested in one another's work and offered polite and courteous feedback, even if it wasn't as enthusiastic as I had pictured.  I particularly liked how we were all in the same boat, waiting in anticipation for a reaction to the digital stories we worked so hard on.  Each individual project meant something to their creator and I think we all can respect each others time commitment and the process itself if nothing else.  When viewing our music video on the large projector I remember thinking, "I have seen this music video so many times, and each time I notice something different."  Our video changed so much over the last two weeks, and hopefully it is now at a point where Paul and Chase and Girard feel like it's worthy enough to be viewed to the public.  I was thrilled that Paul came, and even though he wasn't in class with us, he contributed to our project just as much as the rest of us, and because of his dedication and passion, we were able to really spearhead this project and attempt to give it our all.  I'll take from this class memories of an amazing group of students who in their camaraderie also shared the same vision of hope and change for the future.  Thanks for such an enjoyable semester Carter and the rest of my class!  

Final Project

Overall the movie showing was pretty sweet. I was mostly impressed by the people that showed up, such as Nicole the Advisor and the head of the Dakota language studies, that was pretty sweet and it goes to show how tightly knit Amin studies really are. The audience was not overly responsive (physically at least), I did however see quite a few heads nod in agreement and obvious delight. One vibe I did get from all those who had never seen our videos was a sense of surprise, they really weren't expecting what we gave them, but it was a good thing! 
    In the large format the movies looked a lot cooler and more professional, the big screen gave them a more formal feeling. The music video in particular was weird to see on the big screen because I had gotten so accustomed to watching it on the tiny computer screen. A response that we got to the movie was that it mixed the hip-hop vibe with a sense of Native pride, which was what we had really strived for throughout the project. The animated video was really cool on the big screen and it reminded me of a Native American southpark of sorts. The comedy sketch was very well done and the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. All in all it was a good night that ended far too soon due to my lack of quarters.

Ho Hau Hau.

Ho Hau Hau.  MVI_9667.AVI  That video was taken in process during Carter taking with Stephen and I doing a live recording.  The other live recording of the Showing us Off movie viewings are very big megabyte files so I used a smalled 29 megabyte points to upload and share.  "Beautician cosmetologist I had worked those sort of chairs for an occupation. Music of certain varieties that turns on certain emotions and bodily feelings I listen to YouTube - Def Leppard - Animal.  Sunnys' things he does. By lapoi013 on January 25, 2010 12:05 PM"  I didn't say that did I or did someones' elses' voice say that for me?  For many 24 hours of takes of intakes with outtakes in the decades that pictures', movie and voice projectors projected masquerading people in animating lights with fake mascara paints that was not grand, great nor even even worth capitalizing on or about. 

"You're Not The Indian I had In Mind" (King, p.31) "There is a story I know.  It's about the earth and how it floats in space on the back of a turtle.  YouTube - Rush Time Stands Still. I've heard this story many times, and each time someone tells the story, it changes.  Sometimes the change is simply in the voice of the storyteller.  Sometimes the change is in the details.  Sometimes in the order of events.  Other times it's the dialogue or the response of the audience.  But in all the tellings of the tellers, the world never leaves the turtle's back.  And the turtle never swims away.  (King -2003, p.32)   I use what is available to assist my mentality so that I can continue erasing certain scriptures that has been instilled and distilled upon many...Animals

A newer viewing review of the digital media courses' sceneries and displaying what others' had had on opening night that highlighted the beings.  Whether inside or outside the fronts or the operators of the projectors' & recorders that had animating episodes' of showing their achievements through their films at the Scott Hall Room number 4 Show House.  Those occurrences occurred Wednesday May 5 from 7 to 9 prime meridian timing central.  For purities sake, thanks to much toodoo through the lead singer announcer who is the Carter ceremonial conductor who gave perspiration and inspiration that allowed us to let the show go on YouTube - Three Dog Night - The Show Must Go On (1974). 

The curtain call and attendance was ravaging and overwhelming kindof like that calling came in through a berring straight YouTube - Bering Strait - Bearing Straight.  The people in attendance acted as civilized parents and their children who were obedients really were well behaved until, until when the magic projected.  All movie recordings were accomplished with those flickers of colored pixel lights.  They were arranged with expressive freedom together through topic anything's to topic something's.  Want A Different Ethics, Tell a Different Story. (King, The Truth About Stories, p.164) 

 Much wiser than many previously older staged stages of scenes that older motion pictures' displayed and carried on about a continent specific grand clan band of people.  The big screen shows up the littler screen and brings out the themes that are being displayed.   The fans overreactions were tremendous ovations for a semesters' worth of the Limelight.  All take a front seat on the bow.  The evenings viewings were wonderful and well serving for us students YouTube - Brule AIRO - Thirza Defoe Hoop Dance.

The wind pipes vocalized a different script YouTube - Live is Life - Opus time lined with different tuned voices that showed that alto-native power routes can give us the controls if and when only for a short time being.  The ways of the soprano-native powered higher, the tenor shoed native going high and low and with the bass YouTube - Johnny Cash Show: Johnny Cash & Friends - Daddy Sang Bass (HQ) and well grounded.  The energy generated with students of attitude changing the ways of thinking and feeling can get and can give some power.  Thanks to all who co-opera-rated.  I added some songs to liven up the music that way available while other music was outlawed so I used those songs because of the Lyric Wordings.  Life is Live YouTube - Opus - Live Is Life (1985).  We are always our own fans!

Be excellent to each other. Party on dudes!

I truly believe that every filmmaker dreads showing their films in public and would just prefer to make them for themselves.  It is kind of horrifying to show things publically as you never know how the audience is going to respond.  What may be funny or interesting to you may come off as dreadfully boring to someone else.   Therefore, I was pleased with how our little shindig, festival, soiree, thingy went.  I was pleased that the crowd really seemed to enjoy not only the projects I worked on but everyone's as well.  Granted, we were mostly in a crowd of American Indian studies people, so they tended to have a great understanding of what we were trying to do, which I think helped things a bit.   Still, it is a relief to know that our comedy short was actually funny to people other than us, and that we hadn't completely failed as comedians.  Though it would be even more terrifying, I think it would be a very interesting and educational experience to screen the shorts for a group of unsuspecting people who had no affiliation with American Indian Studies at all.   I like to think that they would play similarly, but I know that it would probably be a much different response.

            Even though it is a terrifying experience showing your films to others, it is ultimately very rewarding, and I think the film festival was just that.   I felt like the class really accomplished something when I was watching all the other films.  Interestingly, I think watching them with an audience actually made me enjoy them even more.  More people were there to get the jokes, more people to have interesting thoughts to share on each of the pieces. I was also very pleased to see the other two films, both of which I thought were very intriguing and brought up very interesting points of discussion.   I definitely feel this was a worthy endeavor and was pleased to have my work as a part of it.



San Dimas High Football Rules!

Say it ain't so...

  There are so many ways to tell a story. Stories form identities, cultures and the people we are, or perhaps the people we can be. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone tries to find someone willing to read, listen, or watch his or her story. Given this, I also believe that storytelling has been the focal point that allowed our class to bring individual experiences together and tell stories about Natives. We witnessed on Wednesday night people from Native backgrounds and people that were not coming together with a common purpose, to tell stories about Native peoples. It worked well because we are all fighting the same fight, to tell the stories that deserve to be told.

            I think it is appropriate to think and rethink the significance of creativity when it emerges -whether in my own projects or in all the others.  Creativity offered everyone that participated Wednesday night a means to tell the stories that make us who we are. Creativity provides inspiration and with inspiration I think you can do just about whatever you want. Things don't always turn out exactly how we intend, but at least in the case of my group's project, I think it worked itself out. We viewed several different types of digital stories, documentary films, music video, narrative/experimental, animation, and comedy skits. There are so many outlets for creativity here and there is so much potential for storytelling through various medias.


I honestly don't want to leave this class with a critical note and I also honestly was extremely proud of everything we've done this semester. Great job everyone!


On another note,

For the last week, the voices of Point of Contact have been stuck in my mind -the lyrics to "Modern Day Warrior" repeating over and over. I feel like I've got a drum beat dictating my running pace (I run almost every morning).  

I came to this conclusion: we can all be "Modern Day Warriors," in our own way (Native or non-Native) and for whatever cause we're passionate about.


But honestly folks, lets keep it non-violent. Peace, love, and best wishes to everyone!

post review: 

If you'd like to check out my blog every now and then, I'm doing a lot of my newbie-writer art online. I started my novel a week ago and plan on posting parts throughout the summer. I appreciate critical feedback -its the only way I will ever win a Pulitzer.

Final Assignment!


Good Bye, So Long


Is it really true? Is the semester really ending? Is it already a week into May? Time went by so fast, I am so glad I was in this class, and that I got to know each of you guys. I hope you all have good luck in the future.

            Last night's video viewing party was a good time. I am glad we were able to show our final products to the greater public (greater than ourselves, at least). I enjoyed watching your (carter's) other student projects. They each complimented our work nicely, and provoked questions I hadn't thought about before.

            It was interesting to see how the audience interpreted our work without knowing each of us personally. Watching our videos in class was a completely different experience, as we knew each other and the assignment personally. I think some of our projects (particularly the individual ones) had underdeveloped ideas that were unclear to the viewers, such as my "light rail train with voices" video. The reviewing of the videos at the party helped me better understand how I can improve my work in the future.

            Also, seeing all of the videos (including the two other student projects) helped me greater understand the need to not propagate the common stereotypes of any groups of individuals. Learning about the ethics of documenting Native American societies in this class has shaped the way I view the process of documentation all together. I hope I am able to be an ally to other cultures I document in my lifetime.

            Thanks for a great semester, everyone. I hope we will all run into each other again.



First, I would like to say that I was really impressed with the evolution of all of the final projects. What began as an idea morphed into a plan, then a plan transformed into a tangible object, and those tangible objects became very powerful. I liked that all of the projects had a positive message and altogether, they can help EVERYONE learn about some of the most salient issues in Native peoples lives. We covered all our bases as a class in that we included material on Native stories and language (Nenebozho and the Smart Berries), misrepresentation and stereotypes of Native peoples (Comedy group), and most importantly, the fact that good relationships with other members of the community are crucial (Modern Day Warriors).

Further, it was really cool to see what other people thought of our projects. I think that everyone responded in a positive and encouraging manner. All of the projects turned out to be awesome and I personally enjoyed the music video the most. People seemed to think critically when necessary and laugh when appropriate. This was my/our goal and I feel that I/we achieved it!

The only thing that bothered me was that I realized that some of the projects may not have the desired effect when taken out of context. I think everyone did a great job of getting points across to the class, but not necessarily to the general public. I think that it is great to approach things in a humorous, symbolic, artistic, and intelligent manner, but some people may not have the capacities to understand everything we covered in class and projects. Overall, the good outweighed the bad. I think that more often than not, our points will be well-received and understood.

P.S. Great job everyone (even you Carter!) and it was a lot of fun working with you! I wish everyone luck in your future endeavors and I am sure you will make us all proud. Also, I am super pumped that I get to rub it in most of your faces that I'm done, so I want to take this opportunity to say...

NANANANANANA I'm done with college and you're not tehehe!

Bad Romance Final

Modern Day Warriors, final cut

Music video for a Point of Contact original, "Modern Day Warriors."  Video filmed, edited, and directed by CIA (Ali Haupt, Ian Lilligren, and Chelsea Mcfarren).

How Nenabozho Got His Smarts

Point Of Contact Video

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