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In class we have focused on how women's athletics can be portrayed as little more than sex objects off the field and even on the field (i.e. Playboy and their Olympics issue, and the increased viewership of Tennis to watch Anna Kournikova whom isn't a great player but very good looking) the position I will take for my blog post that yes this is true however I also think women are becoming more respected as athletes. To reinforce my position I will use Acura's new advertisements that feature Calvin Johnson (All-American football start) and Ashleigh McIvor (U.S. Olympic gold medalist in skiing). First off, each athlete is used in his or her own commercial, both athletes aren't featured in the same commercial there are two commercials. Both of the athletes perform the exact same role in their commercials. They where fancy clothes and are stripped down into there underwear to expose their perfectly fine tuned/crafted bodies (the metaphor here is that Acura cars look elegant but are also quite sporty on the inside). Virtually nothing is different in the two commercials except one athlete is substituted for the other. It's my position that both athletes are equally respected as "super sporting machines," hence the exact same positioning, role, and general feel of the athletes in each commercial. This is quite a progressive advertisement done by Acura in the sense that "sex isn't used to sell" and the woman in the advertisement is put on the same level as the male athlete. I believe the intention of this commercial is to appeal to both women and males drivers, but this marketing gimmick does not negate the fact that both athletes are valued as equally athletic and respected individuals. As well, although each athlete is stripped down into their underwear, the intention is not to show the athlete in a sexual manner (which they aren't both athletes remain standing completely straight), the intention is to show that these incredibly good athletes can also be elegant (comparing them to Acura cars). I believe this generation will begin to see more advertisements like this, because respect for women athletes is really beginning to grow and sexism is really beginning to fade. Not to mention women are becoming more and more consumers of all types of goods (not just stereotypic household products) and have to appeal to the younger generations of independent and strong women.

Key Points
-doesn't use sex to sell cars
-contrasts sex's to sell cars
-compares female and male bodies to car's (in this sense it is quite progressive)
-compares different types of perfection, perfectly molded human body to "perfectly" crafted car

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