Week five

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A summary of last week's definition
To be a successful leader is to be able to drive people in the right direction with the right attitude.

From this week's, although I have learned a lot of new information, my definition did not change.
According to (Goleman & Boyatzis, 2008), a successful leader is one that knows how to manipulate his followers psychologically. Instead of earning it, leaders, sort of force their will in their follower's mind. I personally don't agree with this idea of leadership.

On the other hand, although it didn't change last week's definition, I though D.T Kyle's comparison of leadership with sovereign king or a higher authority such as God's, was very interesting. He claims that a good leader must positively impact his followers in order to get a positive response in return. Although this might seem to be an outdated method of comparison, as a bible reader, I found it to be perfect. In the bible God is called a sovereign that is a kind and good leader (father). In return, his followers praise him and are obedient to him. Furthermore, a sovereign mix together the positional power with his personal power, which will determine how favorably or unfavorably followers respond to the power of his position (Kyle, p.161).

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Solid post - just be sure to tack on the bibliographic citation at the end (like we use on the moodle site) to round things out.

The concept of the sovereign, vis-a-vis leadership is challenging and difficult to get right. I think you've got the right feel for it though - I'm a bit surprised it didn't find its way into your definition.

Grade: 10 points
Clarity of the new definition (out of 2): 2 points
Thoughtfulness of the analysis (out of 6): 6 points
Grammar, spelling, and APA style (out of 2): 2 points

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