week seven

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Last week's definition: Leader ship is not only about having the right attitude to lead but it is also about having a vision. A new addition to my leadership definition is the word " Vision." Successful leaders are ones that also have a clear vision of what they want in life.

This week's definition: Leadership is all about having the right attitude, vision to lead and the ability to improvise.
The new addition to my definition is the word "improvise."

Leaders are always faced with important decision-making situations. Decisions aren't always a black and white matter. There are times when solutions to any particular situation could be ambiguous. According to (Heifetz, 2009), "leadership is an improvisational and experimental art." In today's fast changing world, executives must be able to adopt what and how to get things done. This will enable them to survive to tomorrow's world. Although different analytical and leadership skills are still crucial to the success of good leaders, they need emergency phase and adoptive phase skills.
Emergency phase is the ability to "stabilize" issues and "buy time" in order to look at thing from an unbiased point of view. Such as, stress, the urgency of the matter and shortage of time. Adoptive phase is the ability to undertake causes of crisis and being able to survive into a new reality. Improvisation comes in play when leaders handle unexpected events that test their ability to improvise. Good leaders prevail when faced with unpredicted events.
I also enjoyed the article that discussed the ethics of right verses right." How Good People Make Tough Choice". Going along with the Heifetz's discussion, this reading made it clear to me that decisions are not always about making a choice between right and wrong. But according to (Kidder, 2003), sometimes there exists a showdown between a right versus right. Although it's highly depends on what values an individual holds higher (individual, community, truth, loyalty, short-term, long-term and justice, mercy), picking the "right" right can be always challenging.

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