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Week nine

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Last week's definition: Leader ship is not only about having the right attitude to lead but it is also about having a vision.
My definition has not changed.

The reason is that this week's readings are in the same rhythm with my previous week 's definition. According to (Barbuto & Wheeler, 2007), characteristics of servant leader include: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, growth, and building community. All of these characteristics could be included in the idea of leaders having the right attitude. Leaders should be able to show empathy, listen to what their followers have to say and be aware of what is going on in the organization. Having the right attitude, as I have been discussing it though out the weeks, means leading people to the right direction with the right approach. Which also includes being able to persuade their followers towards a specific goal and help their organization and community grow.

In addition, I found the reading " A social change model of leadership development " very interesting. The metaphor of ensemble music made a lot of sense to me. Just as members of an orchestra would have to work harmoniously to bring forth a performance that is organized, groups of leaders that have the same objective can work together towards achieving the same goals. When responsibilities are shared, it would be easier for the leaders to accomplish their duties. Also, instead of only relying on their expertise, leaders would learn to work with teams that have different verity of skills, abilities, and knowledge.

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Week eight part one

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Lat week's definition: Last week's definition: Leader ship is not only about having the right attitude to lead but it is also about having a vision. A new addition to my leadership definition is the word " Vision." Successful leaders are ones that also have a clear vision of what they want in life.

The additional word to this week's definition is "calm." Instead of panicking or choking, good leaders need to be in control of a stressful situation.

According to People panic in the time of stress. And a great deal of stress erases short-term memory. Glad considers panic and choking as two forms of failure. Panicking causes loss of short-term memory. On the other hand, choking causes someone to be "markedly slower and less fluid." In other words, choking results in revising what was learned. In a state of panicking, instead of revising what was learned, people go blank. Although the author discusses general forms of panic and choking, when we bring his illustrations into the leadership role, it is very realistic. At times managing (leading) people can be hands full. Dealing with different types of people and personalities can be very challenging. When facing with stressful situations, leaders might forget their core leadership techniques, such as the ones in my definition, or be slower in their decisions (choking state). Therefore, to be a good leader that survives a stressful environment, one must be calm. According to Gladwell, having sufficient experience will be helpful in being calm in hard situations.

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