Week eleven

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Last Week's definition: Leadership is not only about having the right attitude to lead but it is also about having a vision and learning goals.

This week my definition did not change. The reason being this week's reading doesn't portray any specific trait all leaders should posses. But I thought it was very interesting.

I consider this week's readings as a methods that are useful to enhance the performance of leaders. As we do for this class every week, leaders can be more interactive by using virtual meeting space. Online gatherings boost leaders' effectiveness by enabling them to reach their followers that are in different locations. According to Session, (2010) "multiplex relationships - relationships maintained both online and offline - enhances attendees' engagement with the online community as a whole, strengthens ties to other attendees, and contributes to the creation of bonding social capital". In addition to the off - line relationship they develop with their followers, having an online bond is going to increase their ability to reach more followers.
In addition, online communities are made up of many elements: People, shared purpose, guidelines, collaborative learning, technology, and reflective practice.
It is the instructor's responsibility to facilitate an environment conducive to these elements and for learner growth/community development. Effective leaders make good use of all methods of communication.

Work Cited
Sessions, L. F. (2010). How offline gatherings affect online communities: When virtual community members 'meet up'. Information, Communication & Society, 13(3), 375-395. doi:10.1080/13691180903468954

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I might disagree a little with your first statement, but I can understand why you didn't change your definition. Have you had experiences that mirror those outlined by Sessions? It's increasingly common, and critical for a modern leader to be aware of.

Grade: 10 out of 10.
Clarity of the new definition: 2 points
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 6 points
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 points

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