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Project 3 Digital Storytelling

In our Digital Methods class we were able to participate in the Fine Arts Academy's Digital Art Workshop, check it out on the Digital Arts Workshop Blog. We performed as Mentors guiding the students in artistic learning's of Digital Arts

We choose the story of Pinocchio.  Our theme was inspired by Roy Lichenstein's comic book style using primary colors and simplified forms.
We began with a story board:
Thumbnail image for Pinnochio_VisualPlan.jpg

Cow beam Animation.psd Claymation.psd

::Day One::
Tues Oct. 13

We met the children and dove in right away into Photoshop. I worked with two boys. It turns out they were the two youngest ones of the entire group. With that said, it seemed to take us a little longer than the other groups. But the b

oys had a really fun time making their animations, and once they understood that each new layer was another piece of a small animation. They enjoyed changing themselves into their alter egos.

::Day Two::
Tues Oct. 20

My partner Rachel and I prepared our Story Visual Inspiration Board. We have the story of Pinocchio. Our inspiration is derived from Roy Lichtenstein's comic book style. We have decided on using a primary color palette to enhance the story.

After all the groups pitched their story the children were able to choose the story they wanted. The rest of the time this day was spend in our small group discussing the story and our two children created their characters, which would end up being the two main characters.

The boy I was working with was able to draw his character by hand, and we scanned his hand drawing into the computer. He really enjoyed that since he was able to have more control over his hand drawing versus his computer drawing. He touched it up in Photoshop. He created this magnificent creature named Skullth. He's scary and dark, yet in the story he does silly things. It was exciting to see the children so interested in their imaginations and creating such fantastical characters.


::Day Three::
Tues Oct. 27

We came prepared with the majority of our backgrounds done. The children were able to work exclusively on the animations today in Photoshop. It took the entire class period this day to make just one small animation. It was a little testing for me, at that I was hoping to get much more completed. But it gave me some perspective that I needed to give the boy I was working with small tasks, so he could really dedicated his entire attention to and give the work his detail oriented skill.

Thumbnail image for Many cows.jpg

::Day Four::
Tues Nov. 3

I was pleased that we were given an extra week to complete our project. Time has defiantly been an issue I feel. We have been giving a lot of attention to every detail of our story hoping that it will string together cohesively. The first 30 minutes of this day we experimented with Claymation and did our stop motion clay photoshoot.


The children REALLY enjoyed this. They were really hesitant at first, seemingly not knowing what to do or if they would do it right. We had to keep encouraging them. We had a Godzilla character that melted down into a puddle and POOF turned into a cow. Very humorous and the melting was extremely successful. Clay is really amazing to work with!

We then finished the last of the animations that needed to be animated with the children. My Partner and I were left to finish the rest of the scenes for the next week.

P1060156.JPG Claymation 2P1060183.JPG

::Day Five::

Tues Nov 10

The children finally were able to work in IMovie...something they had been waiting for. They didn't even want to finish the animations so they could start to play in IMovie!!
We gave each child the opportunity to edit their own version of the story. The boy I worked with was just ecstatic to edit...the effects and especially the music, which he had his heart on Eye of the Tiger as his song. And Ironically a mentor across the table had that very song for us to use!

I stayed over two hours after class this day to finish editing. Though the process can be long, it was very enjoyable to know that it was coming to completion. Our animation ended up being almost 4 minutes long...and needed subtitles to really tie in the story.


Tues Nov. 17

I was able to show the boy I worked with and his father the child's edit of the animation. His father was so impressed that he created many of the scenes by himself. I really enjoyed myself at the Show and Tell. I was happy to see a fellow member of a community I belong to as one of the Parents there as well.

What a success our Digital Workshop was!! Though at times it was stressful for me, I think the hard work and dedication could really be seen in the work we presented. Surely all the hard work was not in vain.

I think I would set more time aside to plan out even more next time. I would say my group was well prepared every week, and I know I spend many hours at home working on our project. And yet, having this experience keeps the perspective in reality. These are still children we are working with. I think the next project I would simplify the story even more. And make more time to edit in IMovie.

I really enjoyed myself throughout this process and think it was such an awesome opportunity to actually be able to do this real children...and not just make lesson plans that have great risk of being lofty goals and unreasonable expectations. Thanks for this opportunity of growth to my teaching skills.

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