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I've known about Animusic for some time now, and anxiously awaiting Animusic 3.

Animusic is a music-driven computer animation.  It is a computer animation where virtual instruments play their own music.  Not only is it very progressive with odd metered music, but all of the musical instruments are animated to the actual notes and positions they would play as a real world musical instrument.   Even devices that are only able to exist in the computer realm have a system of quantified notes. I have watched them again and again (really, many times) and still, honestly still, I see new and understand the animation each time I watch it.

Pipe Dream is Amazing and memorizing because of its musical accuracy. (Animusic 2)

Resonant Chamber is one of my favorites to watch, the only problem is I wish I had more eyes to watch and study multiple areas at once. (Animusic 2)

Acoustic Curves  is from Animusic 1, lovely to listen to AND watch.

The Accuracy of these STILL amazes me. They are really playing their music.

Gyro Drum: FOR THE DRUMMERS OUT THERE! This is insane! What the whole piece.

I think the Youtubes kinda lag compared to the DVD, so the precision may not be visible at its full potential.

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Being in a Digital Methods class has sparked my thinking of animation.  Since the times allow people tremendous technological access, it seems anyone can feel like a professions, or try for that matter...that has begun my thinking that the easily accessible technology only seems to further the capabilities of the makers. The more we use it, the better it is becoming. Technology is everything now. Even at the doctors office, the nurses each have their own lap tops to type into instead of writing and then send it off to a main data base.

As I've heard, 'When the student is ready the teacher will appear''s become clear to me how much animation is out there. I guess I've never been concerned to look before. Here are a couple interesting Collage Animation pieces similar to what we are working on in class. Enjoy!

Samatha Sunshine Collage Animation

Short Collage Kiss

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