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Week One--Caffeine may ease post-workout muscle pain

Caffeine may ease post-workout muscle pain

A recent study shows that caffeine consumption just before a vigorous workout can decrease the muscle pain that often occurs one-to-two days after exercise. CNN.com states:

Known as delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, the pain is common in the day or two after a workout that was more intense than normal. Exercise that involves eccentric contraction of the muscles is particularly likely to cause delayed muscle pain.

The study tested nine females who, according to CBS News, "were not regular caffeine users and did not regularly engage in resistance training."
The women were tested with placebo pills and caffeine pills that were measured to contain the same amounts of caffeine as approximately two cups of coffee, which they took an hour before resistance training. The women who took the caffeine pills reported nearly half of the muscle pain as the placebo group.

CBS News reports the study quickly and briefly, making their points clear and strong. Their lead serves as sort of an FYI with a creative and informal approach, and, although they mention some of the findings in the beginning of the piece, it takes them all the way until the seventh paragraph to finally get to talking about the study and its results.

CNN's article is formatted much differently. It very quickly brings us into a lead, which simply explains the premises of the article:

In a small study of female college students, researchers found that a caffeine supplement seemed to lessen the familiar muscle pain that crops up the day after a particularly challenging workout.

From there we are given definitions of what these muscle pains are, which is followed up by step-by-step coverage of how the study was conducted, and we end with a gatherating of what these findings mean as well as how we can learn to use caffeine as a post-workout muscle reliever.

I think that CBS tries a little too hard to bring the reader in with an anecdote, and spends less time explaining what exactly is going on with these findings. CNN does a much better job giving a sort of play-by-play analysis of how the information in the study can be useful to us as readers.



I heard also that on the other side of this spectrum...

If you take ibuprofen it can decrease muscle growth.

Check out the AST-Sports Science website for more information on that.

But good post.