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The future of journalism is scary. The wholesome value of print media is something I would never want to let go of, even as I am a slave to the internet. It is unfair and unsafe to assume that the "news" you get off of the internet is real. Though I understand that there are some civilians that can get hard news information before the corporations can, I still think there is better value in letting the news people report the news. What's so bad about civilians sending in their information as tips to the higher-ups?
There are too many ways to be faced with faulty information when you let just anyone report the news. More often than not in my schooling career, when I am actually trying to look for something on the internet, it is so hard to find something that is legitimate. You have to sift through loads of junk to get to something real because people can just write whatever they want. Wikipedia. That should be enough to explain it all.

Where do I stand in the future of journalism? I want to keep it to the roots. I want to be a magazine writer for a tangible print magazine--no online work if I don't have to. I want to be a profile writer and a feature story writer. I want to be a music journalist...I want to be a music photographer. I want to be like Patrick Fugit from the movie Almost Famous, except I don't want to write for the Rolling Stone because, c'mon really, if you do not like U2, you pretty much have no place there, and safe to say I do not like U2. There would be nothing more amazing than to follow bands and tell their stories to the world. There is no one in the world more fascinating, more intelligent, more inspiring than a musician. I want to change the way the people view journalists. Just as they explain in the movie, music journalists are considered "the enemy" because they can break any artist's career. I do not want to be the enemy. I do not want to ruin anyone--they can ruin themselves, and I will gladly tell the story, but I will not be the one to end anyone's run. I will tell the truth and share the stories. I will not be a critic because who cares about my opinion. Its about the music, and that is what I want to let everyone know about.

And I guess if this does not work, I would want to be a publicist instead, just so I can obtain the same musical intimacy.