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In chapter 9, the main concept is intelligence and IQ test. Intelligence test is a kind of sensory capacity, and IQ test is going to test the overall thinking ability. However, intelligence is not only about the ability of logical and mathematical skills, and more specific intelligence are about such as linguistic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Also, textbook mentions that biological bases will influence intelligence, such as brain structure and memory. IQ test are not perfect and it is still debatable in psychological field, but people could get some reference from IQ test. In the last part of this chapter, it mentions emotional intelligence, as we know EQ.

EQ is a popular topic currently, and that is a ability of understand emotions and apply them. I used to think EQ is only about how to deal with relationship with others, which means EQ is about how to communicate and how to make individuals to adapt the environment and society. However, the deeper ability should be identify and understand the emotions, and try to make those emotional information useful for our help. For example, when I saw a friend had a sad face and heard upset voice, I understand he must be in something bad. in this moment, I knew he is in bad mood, and then I did not make myself much happy because I wanted to avoid my happiness to make him lonelier. Also, I should show kind and careful face to him to comfort him. This story is about EQ, because I get person's emotions and show the appropriated emotions to the person, and then make both of us comfortable. For noticing people's emotions, I believe I emotional intelligence is about finding microexpression, which the main point of LIE TO ME. Thus, microexpression (micro-facial expression) is a brand new field of psychology, and this intelligence is very useful in realationship.


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