Indian Stampede Leaves Five Dead

Five people died in a stampede during the Maha Kumbh festival as hundreds of thousands gathered to bathe in the Ganges River, the BBC reported.

It is unclear what caused the stampede on Wednesday in the northern Indian city of Hardiwar. Eyewitnesses said a clash between Hindu holy men and devotees triggered the stampede, but an official said the stampede followed a car accident, the BBC said.

At least 15 other people reported injuries as a result of the stampede.

Wednesday was the "main royal bathing day" of the Maha Kumbh, a religious festival held every 12 years, with smaller festivals held every three years, the BBC and Irish Examiner reported.

Eyewitnesses said the stampede followed a clash between the "naga sadhus," or naked holy men, and devotees, the BBC reported.

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