No More Fighting Sioux

The University of North Dakota will drop its "Fighting Sioux" nickname after a four year controversy resulting in two court decisions, WJAC said.

A state Supreme Court and the Board of Higher Education ruled Thursday that the nickname must be retired. The nickname will remain through the following school year, Kare 11 and WJAC reported.

"It's been a tough day," Chay Genoway, a UND hockey player, said, Kare 11 reported.

The controversial nickname represented pride and tradition to some and reinforced negative and false stereotypes for others, WJAC said.

The NCAA considers the nickname "hostile and offensive," and said the school could not host postseason events without consent from the two Sioux tribes in the state. One tribe has approved the nickname and the other tribe declined to vote on the issue, WJAC said.

"Now that we have a decision from the state board, we can move ahead," UND President Robert Kelley, WJAC reported.

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