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Nude Models At Art Display Groped

Nude models participating in an art museum display have complained of being groped by visitors, Kare 11 said.

Performers in Marina Abramovic's new exhibition, showing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, have been pushed, pulled, poked, and groped, the New York Post said.

Will Rawls, one of the 38 performers, said one visitor touched his butt after brushing his hand, chest, and back, Kare 11 said.

"As he was passing me he looked me in the eyes and said 'You feel good man,'" Rawls said, Kare 11 reported.

Regardless of the incidents, all of the performers said they enjoy what they are doing.

"You feel you're a part of something bigger," Elke Luyten, another performer, said, the New York Post reported.

"We are well aware of the challenge posed by having nude performers in the galleries," the museum said in a statement. "Any visitor who improperly touches or disturbs any of the performers is escorted fromt the museum by MoMA security," Kare 11 reported.

The exhibit, titled "Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present," opened March 14 and runs until March 31.

Threatening Note Found During Flight

A threatening note found on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta prompted the crew to declare an emergency on Friday, Kare 11 said.

The note, which read "This plane will go down," was found by passengers on flight 1747, 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. The note was scrawled on a customer feedback card and found in a seat pocket, the Star Tribune said.

"The flight landed without incident and passengers were deplaned normally," Susan Elliott, a spokeswoman for Delta, said.

After landing, a canine unit swept the plane. Nothing was found, Kare 11 said.

Autistic Teen On Track For A Perfect Bracket

4.78 million people failed to pick the perfect NCAA tournament bracket, but an Autistic teen from the Chicago suburbs says he correctly picked all 48 games of the first two rounds, the New York Post reported.

Alex Hermann, 17, entered his picks in's Bracket Manager, with the help of his brother, Andrew Hermann, 24.

"I watched each team this year and saw the size of the player and looked at the stats," Hermann said, describing how he made his picks adding, "I'm good at math," NBC Chicago and the New York Post reported. does not monitor the Bracket Manager because picks can be changed after the tournament has started. Because of this, they will not confirm Alex Hermann's claims.

The Hermann's said they filled the brackets out together as a family before the games began. When asked if they have changed their picks, Alex's mother said, "No," NBC Chicago reported.

The odds of doing what Alex Hermann claims to have done are 1 in 13,460,000. The leader at ESPN's bracket already has four wrong picks.

The odds of picking all four rounds correctly? 1 in 1,000,000,000,000. Alex Hermann has slated Purdue, his favorite team and brother's alma mater, to win it all.

*My link for the New York Post isn't working for some reason. I searched for the story again on their database and it comes up, but their link to it also has an error now. I have no idea why. I linked to my search of their database.

Three-Year-Old Mistook Gun for Wii Controller

A 3-year-old shot and killed herself after mistaking her stepfather's gun for a Wii video game controller, Fox said.

Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan of Norene Tenn., shot herself in the abdomen Sunday after finding the loaded gun sitting out on a table, ABC said.

Tina Cronberger told police that her daughter was used to playing a shooting game with the Nintendo Wii game controller and probably confused the real gun with the realistic black gun controller, Fox reported.

"It looks so real," Wilson County Det. Jeff Johnson said. "You can look at my glock, there are real similarities," Fox reported.

Cheyenne's stepfather, Douglas Cronberger, 32, took out his gun to check on a possible prowler outside their home and left it on the living room table when he came back inside, Fox said.

Cheyenne shot herself just feet from her mother, ABC said.

Michael Fahey, a reporter for the video game blog Kotaku, that children's toy guns are often brightly-colored or white so they aren't mistaken for real guns. Controllers similar to the Cronberger's are very unusual he added, ABC said.

"We're not looking at criminal intent," Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said. "There was a terrible lapse of judgment here," ABC reported.

High School Student Received Detention For Bracelet

A New York high school student received detention from his science teacher after wearing a breast cancer awareness bracelet, Kare 11 said.

Nicholas Morgan's science teacher found his bracelet, which read "I love boobies," to be offensive and sent him to detention after he refused to take it off last Friday, WNYT said.

Nick's mom, Barbara Gifford, bought the bracelet as a birthday gift for Nick after he asked for it. He said the bracelet supported education and awareness about breast cancer.

Nick didn't want to take the bracelet off because he said he had a great aunt who died from breast cancer and an aunt fighting breast cancer. He did offer to turn the bracelet inside out, WNYT reported.

His teacher found the bracelet offensive because she lost a relative to breast cancer, WNYT said.

Superintendent Dr. James McCarthy said he hoped the issue could be resolved "where we're not encroaching on his rights and we're not impacting teaching or learning," WNYT reported.

A resolution came on Thursday when the school transferred Nick to another science class taught by a different teacher.

Nick's bracelet came from the non-profit group, Keep a Breast Foundation, which aims to raise breast cancer awareness among teenagers, Kare 11 said.

Couple Of 62 Years Plays On

An Iowa couple married 62 years, entertained a crowd of 500 gathered at the Mayo Clinic with piano and hand-bell duets, the Post Bulletin reported.

Marlow, 91, and Fran, 84, Cowan, who played in the Gonda Building lobby in 2008, became a viral sensation after a patient posted their performance on YouTube.

More the 6.4 million people have watched the Cowans on YouTube and 500 more gathered when the duo returned to Rochester, Minn., on Wednesday for an encore performance, the Post Bulletin said.

"We had no idea this would happen," Marlow Cowan told ABC. "We didn't know it happened because we don't even have a computer."

"We didn't even know we were on YouTube," Fran Cowan added. "We didn't even know what YouTube was," ABC reported.

The Cowans returned to the clinic for a doctor's appointment and wanted to perform in the lobby again.

"What's heartwarming is to see them smiling in a place where they're having so much trouble," Fran Cowan told ABC.

A Philadelphia school district faces a lawsuit and investigation after they were accused of using webcams in school-issued laptops to spy on high school students, MSNBC said.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, parents Michael and Holly Robbins accuse the Lower Merion School District of spying on their child. The Robbins alleged that webcam photographs captured students and family members in compromising situations, such as undressing, the Huffington Post said.

The Robbins learned of the incident when the assistant principal at Harrington High School, Lindy Matsko, disciplined Robbins' son, Blake for improper behavior at home. A photo taken through Blake's webcam was used as evidence, MSNBC reported.

The FBI has begun an investigation to determine whether school officials broke federal wiretap or computer-intrusion laws, the Huffington Post said.

Lower Merion officials said they remotely activated laptop webcams on 42 occasions in the past 14 months to find missing laptops, the Huffington Post reported.

The laptops contain a security device to track lost, stolen, or missing laptops, school officials said. The device only has the capability to take a still photo of both the operator and their screen, the Huffington Post reported.

The District's security and technological departments were responsible for activating the webcams, the Huffington Post said.

Alexander McQueen, Fashion Designer, Found Dead

One of the most influential UK fashion designers, Alexander McQueen, was found dead in his London home Thursday morning, the BBC reported.

The Metropolitan Police are not treating McQueen's death as suspicious.

A statement was released from McQueen's office, the BBC reported, which said, "At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief."

The designer's death comes shortly after his mother's death on Feb. 2, ABC said.

McQueen won the award British Designer of the year four times between 1996 and 2003, the BBC reported.

"His death is the hugest loss to anyone who knew him and for very many who didn't," Alexandra Shulman of British Vogue said.

New Zealand Teenager Fought Off Shark

A New Zealand teenager fought off an attacking shark by hitting it over the head with her body-board, the BBC reported.

Fourteen-year-old Lydia Ward was waist deep in the water with her brother at Oreti Beach in Invercargill, New Zealand when the shark attempted to bite her hip.
Ward said she tried to convince herself she stepped on driftwood when she felt something slippery beneath her feet. One look at her brother's face told her she was wrong, the New Zealand Herald reported.

She said she saw "a massive grey thing twisting in the water," which Clinton Duffy, Conservation Department marine scientist, more accurately described as a broad-nosed seven gill shark, the New Zealand Herald reported.

The shark did not seriously wound Ward, however she needed hospital treatment for two of her wounds, the BBC reported.

Ward's parents claim that they didn't believe Lydia until they saw the blood dripping from her wet suit. Fiona Ward, Lydia's mom, said Lydia was a little shaky, but cool-headed, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Fourteen-year-old Ward said that now she will stick to rivers and lakes.

Investigation Into Fraternity Branding

The branding of a sophomore student during a January ski trip in Breckenridge, Colo. has prompted Texas Christian University and Kappa Sigma Fraternity officials to investigate, The New York Daily News reported.

Amon "Chance" Carter IV returned home from a ski trip with Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Tri Delta Sorority members, with second and third degree burns on his buttocks after fraternity brothers used a hot coat hanger to brand him with the mark of their fraternity as well as the mark of the Tri Delta Sorority.

After a night of drinking Carter said he consented to allow his fraternity brothers to finish the Kappa Sigma sign which had been started more than a year ago on a spring break trip.

The branding continued after Carter passed out and he awoke in pain to find an additional mark, that of the Tri Delta Sorority, on his other buttocks. Carter said the additional mark was not consensual.

ABC News reported that the Carter family hired Kathryn Craven, a Fort Worth lawyer, to find answers about what happened that night and to ultimately hold someone accountable for the incident.

An additional view on the incident from KHOU.

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