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Evaluating Another Group

One group in my section focused on Goal 7 of encouraging sustainability. They focused on the broad scheme that the issue of sustainability includes. Areas they focused on included global warming, educating children in sustainability, sustainable living, voluntary simplicity, and looking at your roots and landscape. I enjoyed the aspect of looking into where one lives and working with the water and soil in that personal area. Also, one can look into how they can use their own resources sustainably. Another area of interest to me that was brought up was sustainable living, particularily in a dorm room. I liked how the group touched on an area that the audience could relate to.

The group's display of their project was a presentation I hadn't thought of. They displayed their project in a web showing the idea of sustainability spanning out into different areas. I liked this outlook on the issue. The only problem with the web was that it was difficult to see the pictures on each sheet from far away. So, the entire time was spent listening to the group members speak without any visual aids.