Wine types

The two different types of wine I chose is a Merlot and a Merit age. The Merlot came from Lauquita which is a region in Chile. The Merit age came from Napa Valley in California. I normally find myself drinking the six dollar bottles of wine and do not have an experience with these two kinds. 

Napa Valley wine


Lanquita wine


Living Plants

I found both the coniferous tree and the coniferous bush along Church Street at the U of M. Although neither of the plants are sheltered or hanging on for dear life, they both are still surviving and will continue to survive through Minnesota's winter.

Coniferous bush


Coniferous Tree


Horizontal cross section

This flower is also a black eyed susan and I found it in the same place I found my vertical example. I found it across the street from Rapson Hall in a garden space maintained by the U of M landscape crew. I believe in this example the pistol is multiple fused carpels. Also you can kind of see where the chamber would have been.

Horizontal cross section


Vertical cross section

This is a dried up black eyed susan, found across Church Street from Rapson Hall. The area is maintained by the U of M landscape crew, but they have left it since the end of growing season. It is hard to see all of the parts of the flower because of its size and that it is dead.

Vertical cross section