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Digital Artist
So, as I was surfing the web for different digital art topics, I came across this website called "Digital Artist", which is an online magazine about digital art. It has many links to view different galleries, blogs, and even tutorials. It also allows you to submit your own digital art to the "Digital Artist Network". I thought this could be a kind of tool in the classroom, especially with the available tutorials files (although, you would have to subscribe to the magazine in order to receive those).

Infringement and Jeff Koons

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In the article "Copyright: Infringement, Fair Use, Compulsory Licensing, and Permissions", the case of Rogers v. Koons and Sonnabend Gallery, Inc. was used as an example about infringement and other copyright issues. Basically, Koons got this post card of a man and woman holding a bunch of puppies (which was photographed by Art Rogers and titled "Puppies"), tore off the copyright notice from the back of it, and made four sculptures identical to the post card; he then sold three of them for about $367,00. The only things he did differently to the original, besides using a different medium, were adding colors and titling it "String of Puppies". He didn't do anything innovative to the piece, yet tried to justify it by calling it a parody. All in all, Koons lost the case.

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