Chapter 12: How to Cope with Stress

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It is important to see that there are many different ways to cope with stress because different coping methods do not work the same for different people. One way to cope with stress is by using social support. Social support provides comfort for people by encompanying interpersonal relationships with people in the community. Through several studies researchers found that the less social support that people had in their life, the more likely they were to die earlier on. Social support is important because it shows people that they are not alone and other people are dealing with the same problems that they are.

Another coping method is gaining control. There are five types of control included in gaining control according to the textbook "Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding," and those include: Behavioral, Cognitive, Decisional, Informational, and Emotional control. Behavioral control involves being able to reduce stressful situations or preventing it all together. Cognitive control is the ability to think of negative situations in a different manner. Decisional control is the ability to choose different methods of coping. Informational control is the ability to learn more about stressful events and how to handle them. Emotional control is the ability to share emotions. Also, catharsis can be beneficial in coping with stress. Catharsis means sharing painful feelings. It can help people because it helps people make situations better, but it can also make people feel helpless because they might see they cannot fix their situation. People can also cope with stress by being optimistic, having core spiritual values, and being hardy.


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