Chapter 9: Effects on our Intelligence

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Over 50,000 students study at the University of Minnesota, with each student [hopefully] feeling accomplished even being accepted in an institution with such high standards for acceptance. Although we may not realize, our Intelligence was tested, scored, stored, and most probably a deciding factor in our admission decision. Measures of intelligence are incorporated into placement tests, ACT's and SAT's and several other forms of testing. I find this interesting because these simple tests can provide insight as to how well a student can preform in their courses. Also, influences in our environment can raise our Intelligence. With correlations between how well we can do, and potentially raising IQ's from a very young age, future generations potential have no cap upon them.

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You bring up an interesting point talking about how the future generations of people are getting smarter, and every decade we are raising the average for the IQ. It is kind of cool to think about that as a society we are growing pretty fast. I wonder if their is some sort of biological cap that we do have, and our brains can only get so efficient. I wonder when if ever we as a society will ever reach that point. Also, it will get harder to measure, because the IQ test has limitations, and some individuals are already surpassing them.

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