I Swear I've Done This Before...

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Many of us have had those moments where you come across a place or done something that seems awful familiar even though you are sure you have never been there or done that before. That extremely odd sensation you feel is Deja Vu.

The world Deja Vu is French for "already seen". More than two-thirds of us have had this feeling one or more times. Studies have shown that instances of Deja Vu are more frequently reported by people who remember their dreams, travel frequently, are young, have a college education, and a high income.

There are a few different explanations for this sensation. One possible cause of Deja Vu is when a situation in the present resembles a previous one. The feeling of familiarity comes onto us because we do not consciously remember the previous situation, which could have happened when we are not paying close attention to what we're seeing and therefore we would not remember it consciously. A surplus of the neurotransmitter dopamine is also believed to play a role in Deja Vu experiences. Some believe that Deja Vu is a memory from a past life, but this cause cannot be tested by science.


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Interesting to see the closest scientific explanation for Deja Vu is simply a surplus of dopamine. Would be interesting to see if current studies are being done to get a further understanding of how Deja Vu works.

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