Ink My Whole Body?

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Ever wonder how that last rap artist you listened to managed to cover his body with tattoos and live to tell the tale after the pain of your first tattoo? The answer lies in a psychological concept known as sensory adaptation. Sensory adaptation means that activation is greatest when a stimulus is first detected. Sure, that first tattoo hurt, but as one gets more and more tattoos, their absolute threshold level, or the lowest level of a stimulus needed for the nervous system to detect a change 50 percent of the time, is increased. So by the time Wiz Khalifa or Lil' Wayne was getting their latest tattoo, they barely felt a thing.wiz22.jpg


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I have always been intrigued by people whose bodies are completely covered in tattoos. Tattooing scares me because I am afraid of the pain. I think your point in this blog can also be applied to gauging ears. People have said that the first time their ear was gauged was the most painful, yet as their ears are stretched out further it is virtually painless. Interesting point!

I wonder if this concept could apply to professional boxers. I feel like if I even took a couple of those hundreds of hits those guys take, I would be on my knees. It would be interesting to talk to one of them and ask if throughout their career, the hits have been getting easier to deal with, or if they are still as painful as the first one they ever took.

Well first off, I came to this blog knowing the lyrics because Wiz is a boss. But I thought it was crazy to get that many tattoos before I read this. I didn't realize that tattoos actually fell into the sensory adaptation category. I now make more sense to me, but I would still never ink my whole body. I'll leave that to Wiz Khalifa.

I've always heard about how tattoos are painful and I've wondered how people can sit for hours while half their body gets inked. I always hear that after some time the pain dulls and just gets annoying, even if its your first tattoo. I now understand how people can get tattoos on places that seem really painful like their neck or the whole torso.

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