Learning with Learning Fads

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Chapter 6: Learning Fads
Learning is a process that takes time and effort. Mental health professionals have come up with numerous techniques that are meant to assist is learning at a quicker and simpler pace. There are four techniques they came up with.
Sleep-assisted learning is learning new material as you sleep. Some studies have shown positive results but they did find that while fully asleep, people didn't learn any different from those who learn regularly.
Accelerated learning is using small techniques to allow yourself to learn faster than normal. These techniques are telling people they will learn more quickly, visualizing information, and breathing in a regular rhythm.
Discovery learning is giving an experimental material and asking the person to figure out the scientific principles on their own. Discovery can help people to educate themselves and learn in a more thorough way.
Learning Styles are one's own preferred means of learning information. (Holistic, verbal, analytical). It can help to use the best way of learning for each person, but does not greatly affect learning all together.

I wanted to blog about this because from experience, learning is a broad category. People learn in different ways. I'm more of a straight forward learning that likes to be told the information but also see visuals. Then I can go back and learn in more depth by myself. While it's always good to find new techniques to improve learning, I believe it is a mixture of different techniques along with the type of person you are dealing with.

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