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Pseudoscience is a term that I had never heard of before I read this chapter, even though it's something that I have experienced and witnessed a lot. The place that I have seen it most is on TV in the form of infomercials, every product swears that they are the best and will show you people that have succeeded while using the product, like one man losing a ridiculous amount of weight within the first month of being on some new pill. I find it interesting because not everyone buys into the ideas that these people are trying to make money off of enough people do so that these companies can profit. That's something that I find interesting, how all of these companies claim the exact same thing and people continue to buy into them. I have attached a link to an article that talks about how Simon Cowell is under scrutiny for backing a product. As well as a picture of an ad.



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It is true that these big companies use the style of pseudoscience as an efficient tool in marketing. It is also amazing to see that we as consumers see how outrageous these claims make, yet we buy their products anyways. The funny thing about it too as you so pointed out is that many companies claim to have the product do the same thing too, you would think they would be more creative and have their product "do something else that is extraordinary".

Pseudoscience makes me think of the online ads that tell you that you are the millionth visitor to the site, and you won $10,000. You know you know better, but you always think about what if it actually does work, and how awesome that would be. I literally question the intelligence of anyone that I see wearing one of those balance bracelets. Even when they know they don't work, I still see the same people with them on. I don't know if it is a fashion fad, or they are clinging on to some shred of hope that it might work.

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