Realizing Your Own Confirmation Bias

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Although it may be a phrase that can probably be highly contested considering what we've normally considered it to be- common sense; it still exists within psychology. I bring this up because I always had hunch that if you want to be right, you're going to make sure you're right no matter what. People won't often just give up on an argument even if they are being terribly beaten. However, upon reading more about the confirmation bias in CH 1, I've begun to notice it more often in myself and in others.

I won't go into specifics, but because of our belief perseverance, confirmation bias just kind of comes as second nature to all of us, which is understandable. I've noticed though, that in noticing this about myself, I've done more in depth thinking about critical issues or even, petty issues, that I previously had not done before. I find this to be pretty interesting, and also falling along the lines of the fundamental attribution error (which I learned about in Global Politics last semester, but I'm certain we'll cover it in Psy 1001) which is basically that when looking at the world and what and how people do things, others do things because of who they are, and your own self does things because of a situation.

Anyway, I found those connections to be interesting; it seems that one's own subconscious mind will go to many lengths to confirm what one thinks.

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