The big question. Nature or Nurture

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The nature vs. nurture argument has been going on for a rather long time. It is known that one gets some of their traits from their parents, but how can one describe someone's obvious natural skill at sports when their parents are accountants? The answer is that both nature and nurture play roles in the development of kids. My parents are responsible for passing on the wonderful trait of being a redhead through their recessive genes; they are also responsible for my kind soul because that is how they have taught me to treat others.

The article linked at the bottom of this post explains this further as well as explains how some scientists still argue over this point. Both sides have many experiments and evidence to support their hypothesis to what causes us to be how we are. After reading the article I believe that these two sides coexist with each other. While we have some traits mapped out genetically there are some of these that can be altered through how you are raised. The family of criminals that we discussed in class may have genetically predetermined to have elevated aggression, but if they had better role models than I believe they may have been able to become functional citizens instead of criminals.

Overall I think this is a rather interesting topic, so feel free to ask questions and leave comments on your thoughts as well.

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While I agree that a person is shaped both by how they are brought up (nurture), and genetic predispositions (nature), I think it would be worth while to consider twin studies and adoption studies in your post. As we learned about in the third unit, there was almost no correlation to twins and their adopted siblings personality traits or IQ score. These findings (while merely correlations), have me leaning more towards the nature side of the argument.

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