Is genius genetic or it is nurtured

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Is genius genetic or it is nurtured
Is genius genetic or it is nurtured? We have been controverting this question for a long time. It seems very hard to decide which one effects human to be talented; however, modern psychologists have come to recognize that human behavior is attributable not only to our environment but to our genetic. (Bouchard, 2004; Harris,2002; Pinker, 2002). Although many people think both of them affect us in many fields, like mathematics, art, music, some people still think many historical geniuses were genetic. For example, Mozart was a distinguished musician. When he is a child, he had showed his musical talent. As we know, his father was also a good violinist; therefore, people think Mozart inherited musical genes from his father. mozart.jpg

It looks to be a good thought, but I think environment is also an essential element. When we are birth, we start to touch this world and we also be affected by our environment. Our parents create different kinds of living and educational environment for us. As Mozart, his father had
taught him musical before he found Mozart had a musical talent. So, Mozart also grew up under nurture of his father. In my opinion, whatever genes or environment, neither of them can play an important role alone on being geniuses.


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I feel like being considered a "genius" is one of the first things to be examined, not just being a "genius" really means that you're a "genius". But I definitely do think that this is because of the person's lifestyle, and their parent or guardian who bred them. So this is about nature and nurture, and it's hard to just say its one or the other. Because some parents may not be "geniuses" but their child becomes one because of other factors. I just feel like it really depends on the person and how one's perception and take is on the definition of "genius". But this is quite an interesting topic.

This is a very interesting blog topic because it is very intriguing. The cause of a genius has a variety of possible explanations. Many times in our society we hear the phrase, "He was born to do it". Although, this post brings up the question, can someone actually be born with the potential skills to be a master? In my opinion, nurture has a greater effect on geniuses. Although Mozart may have inherited genes from a musician, that doesn't explain everything. My thoughts are that Mozart was most likely exposed to a lot of his father's music in the womb and during his early life. This could be a heavy cause for his interest and knowledge of music.

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