Nature or Nurture? Maybe It's Both.

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There may be a new theory that solves the debate of nature vs. nurture. On, an article called Beyond Nature Vs. Nurture: Parental Guidance Boosts Child's Strengths, Shapes Development describes a new theory that may explain how nature and nurture both influence the development of children. Previously, many researchers debated whether genes or environment are responsible for how a child develops and who they turn out to be. The new theory described in the article explains the importance of parent guidance in the development of children. Every decision parents make has an effect on the development of children. The article states that "effective parents are taking nature into account in their nurturing." According the article, this happens when parents "observe, recognize, and assess their child's individual genetic characteristics, then cultivate their child's strengths." There are four ways that parents can guide the development of their children: 1) by steering their child toward a certain path; 2) by encouraging the child for the current path they are on; 3) help steer the child away from negative paths; and 4) by reacting to paths initiated by the child.

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This article was really interesting to me. I reacted to the article by reflecting on my own development and the role my parents played in it. I think this theory for child development makes a lot of sense because if your parents are encouraging you to follow a certain path in life, I think it is more likely that you will follow that path than if they are discouraging you. However, other factors to consider that may play a role in child development including family environment and other obstacles such as drug abuse.

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After reading about the nature vs. nurture claims in our text and testing the hypotheses from the Boyle family, I still feel that both nature and nurture play great roles in influencing each person's life as they grow up. We are born with certain traits (genetics) from our parents, so we don't really have a control over that, but what we do with some of the abilities (or lack of) that we were born with can be influenced by our environment. Especially when kids grow up more and are away from their home/parents more frequently then not. It's the environment around them that tends to have a great influence on them, though genetics still do play a great role in it too. It's hard to say what has more of an influence, nature vs. nurture, I would say they go hand in hand in a sense.

I feel that there will truly never be an end to the debate: Nature vs. Nurture.
Sometimes, it seems as though that those that come from the worst places can rise up and overcome and make something good out of their lives, so which is that? Nature or nurture? It can't all be the environment, since that is the case with many.
I have a feeling it is a combination of both. I won't make any correlation or causation predictions, but what if there are certain genetic types that make you more susceptible to your environment? Or vice verse, and there are genes that make you resilient to your nurturing?
At any rate- it's still interesting to look into.

I also agree that the debate of whether nature vs. nurture plays a larger and more dominant role in the rearing of a child's development will never be fully settled. In a child's upbringing, there is no way to rule out genetics or environment. Both genes and the atmosphere and environment have a major impact on a child. I see from the article used that parents can use a child's genetic makeup to better decide how to raise their children. This is interesting because by allowing a child be who they are, yet encouraging them and helping them succeed, seems like the best way to raise a child. The Boyle family article was extremely interesting and is a great example how you can't pick nature or nurture individually as the influence. It is both.

I agree that both nature and nurture both greatly impact a child. I do not think that we will ever be able to know to what extent each has on us as individuals, but I do think that it is obvious that both are important. I found it interesting that parents should asses their children's individual genetic characteristics, then work to their strengths. This made a lot of sense to me because my mom talks a lot how my sister and I are very different so parenting techniques that may have worked on me do not always work on my sister and vice versa.

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