Real life "Parent Trap"

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I must admit, one of my guilty pleasures is the movie "The Parent Trap." I was always fascinated by how two girls could just meet up at summer camp and realize "Oh my gosh! We are twins!" parent-trap_lindsay-lohan.jpg
It seemed nearly impossible for an event like this to happen, but in actuality events like this actually have occurred! What they don't realize in "The Parent Trap" is that this event of "identical strangers" is the perfect opportunity to get a closer look into the nature versus nurture debate. As read in the article linked below, Paula and Elyse were separated at birth until they were reunited at the age of 35.
news-graphics-2007-_649121a.jpg Although they were different in many ways, they had a number of uncanny things in common, such as the same taste in movies. The twin study was not able to make any conclusive evidence about the extent in which nature and nurture influenced these twins, but I find it obvious based of this study that nature absolutely plays a role in our interests and behavior. It seems more than just a coincidence that two people that have never interacted would just so happen to have studied the same thing in college and both been editors of the school paper. At the same time, nurture is also evident in this twins study. I think that nature and nurture are both responsible for influencing a being, but to what extent each one influences someone is something that still remains a mystery.
Written by Emily Palmer


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This is really funny! Lindsay Lohan sure is a good actress, playing the same character twice. I must admit... I loved this movie when I was a little kid.

But I never thought that it could possibly happen in real life, either. Now that I see it, I tend to agree with you that their natures were basically what influenced them to be what they were. The article almost seems to confirm that nature plays the most important role.

This is an interesting post. I, too, enjoyed The Parent Trap as a child. Agreeing with the comment above, I didn't think it was possible to occur in reality either. It seems far fetched in a way but after reading about the twins above it opened my eyes to the possibility of this really happening. Reading the article also gave more insight on the Twin Study and I found it fascinating that the two sisters had dressed the same and had very similar interests, despite being separated at birth.

The twin studies have always been fascinating, especially because most of the research for this topic originated here at the U of M!
While this set of seperated twins may have some similarities, how much of it is "coincidence"? Would it be just as likely to find two random people off the street and they would have similar likes in movies? I do think that twins ultimately do have similarities because of their identical genetics, but other factors like environment play crucial role in developing an individual.

The only way to truly rationalize the nature vs. nurture debate seems to only be through the research of two twins that were separated at birth only to meet up again and realize their similarities and differences. The fact that there is no scientific way of measuring which of the two is more prominent in their personalities or interests is perfect example of how there is no correct answer to the nature vs. nurture debate. I do believe that twins have similarities and differences due to their genetics, but also due to their different upbringings. It's too complicated to know for sure.

I agree with you on this that both nature and nurture play an equal role in one's upbringing/life. By reading your article its obvious that the two 35 year old twins have common interests that are most likely due to nature, but also from the picture we can tell that they have differences as well, most likely due to nurture and the environment they were brought up in. I don't think we can rely heavily on one factor, (nature or nurture) when it comes to twin studies, family studies, or the general studies of people and the genetic or environmental influences around them for determining how those factors came about. I think it is a combination of the two and research seems to back this up.

This is very interesting! I completely agree with the fact that both nature and nurture are responsible for how someone turns out. Like you, I think that the genetic makeup of an individual has just as much impact on their personality as the way they were raised and what they have experienced to be a "normal life". However, I do think that more research needs to be done on this topic in order to confirm this theory.

This is a very interesting topic! I enjoyed watching that movie as well when I was younger.
Anyways, I am curious about how many others there are out there that still haven't found their twins. The topic itself though, about nature versus nurture, I feel they will both always be connected hand in hand no matter what.
Not only is the concept interesting, I think that twin studies are really interesting and it definitely makes me want to look more into this topic.

Really cool blog. I loved this movie as a kid and I had no idea that there was a real case of the "parent trap." It's pretty mind blowing that they had a lot of things in common even though they grew up in completely different homes.

I agree, I think both nature and nurture could have been affecting this study. I think even outside the study, nature and nurture have a team system in the upraising of human beings.

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