Split brained people

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I thought the lecture that professor Peterson gave on split brained people was very interesting. Separating the two hemispheres by severing the corpus callosum is a treatment often used as a last resort to help people that suffer from severe seizures. This procedure disconnects the two sides of the brain and they can no longer communicate. I think it is really interesting how after the surgery, patients will do things without knowing that they are doing it such as taking an article of clothing off after just putting it on with the other hand. The plasticity of the brain however eventually fixes that and they are able to carry on just as anyone else does with less seizures. Or can they? Since the two hemispheres of their brain can no longer communicate with each other anything that only enters the right side of their brain is rendered unknown by the person. As long as something enters both sides of the brain though the person can recognize it just as anyone else does. I was just curious as to whether or not they have any other side affects from this procedure other than not being able to recognize things that solely enter the right brain.


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This topic is very close to my heart, and I also find it very intriguing. Five years ago, my aunt under went a corpus callosotomy. She suffered form sever seizures and this was her last resort to live a normal life. As you mentioned above, my aunt had trouble completing tasks most humans find simple after her surgery. For example, if she were to be shown a picture with her left field of vision, she couldn't name what she had seen (this is because her speech control is on the left side of the brain).

On effect that my aunt mentioned that she suffered from was a worsening of memory. Doctors believe this is because the two side of the brain work together to connect and form memories in some way, and by severing the two halves of the brain, this is effected.

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