Nike's Reconstruction of Tiger's Image

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After Tiger Woods had the scandal involving his sex addiction, car crash, and divorce his image was obviously suffering. As a fan of golf, especially American golf, I was devastated to see one of my idols name being dragged through the mud. I was, therefore hopeful that Tiger would be able to get his life back on the right track and return to golf. Therefore, when I saw this Nike commercial it probably affected me more than the average person, but I still think the commercial does an excellent job of trying to reconstruct Tiger's image.

The voice is of Tiger's father who died several years ago. He was Tiger's largest mentor, and Tiger was devastated when he died. This is meant to evoke a response of empathy for Tiger. Earl's appeal to Tiger is the US, and our empathy is the UCR. The conditioned stimulus is Nike and Tiger, and the CR then is feeling that Tiger has rehabilitated himself, and therefore people will continue to buy Nike. It appears that Nike's gargantuan advertising budget has avoided a crisis through classic conditioning.


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I agree that this is a good commercial. It does make you feel sorry for the guy even though he did something really stupid. I also don't really think we should be judging and inspecting every aspect of famous peoples lives. Everyone makes mistakes and we usually forgive the people we know. It really isn't our place to judge people we don't even know.

This commercial is very well put together. It is easy to forget all of the horrible things that he did while listening to the voice fo his father. Nike did a great job of shifting the negative focus placed on Tiger Woods during his scandals to a much more positive one. I think it is amazing that this is possible due to classical conditioning.

I think it's so sad that people are so quick to jump on the boat and judge celebrities, just because they are easy targets. Certainly what tiger did was not right, but who are we to judge him. We would expect others to show the same grace and forgiveness to us if we were in the same position, so why can't we do that for Tiger and others like him. We often forget that celebrities are regular people just like us. Great post, and thanks for sharing!

You're blog is very interesting. I'm not much of a golf follower but I do watch stuff in the media. I really like the video you posted. It really shows how classical conditioning and how this topic works. I think it is a great example and for Nike and Tiger to come up with a commercial like this, they would have had to use classical conditioning during their thought process.

This commercial does a great job of showing classical conditioning. It makes it really easy for you to forget what Tiger did just a little while ago. I feel that this video did a nice job of being able to define Tiger not by the mistakes he made in the past but what he is doing now and how he presents himself now. This was a very interesting post, nicely done!

I am also an avid golfer/follower of the sport and the Tiger Woods scandal was a shock to me. It is good to see how Nike realizes that they could save their sales by using classical conditioning. I have really been pulling to see him make a comeback and I have been glad to see Nike sticking with him.

I specifically remember seeing this commercial for the first time and I never saw the connection between classical conditioning and the approach Nike took to rebuild Tiger's public image.

In my perspective, this is an impressive commercial to let people forget about the negative image of Tiger, perhaps temporarily. Personally I am a fan of Tiger Woods and feel so glad that this commercial is capable to reestablish his public figure.

I think the commercial is a very good example of classical conditioning. Its interesting too, how well the commercial actually implies the feeling of empathy towards tiger.

This commercial sends a powerful message to viewers. It makes people look at life through Tiger's eyes, but it doesn't cover up the fact that he is a pig. My feelings for Tiger did not change after watching this video; I did feel sorry for him, but I can keep my emotions separate from my opinion. Tiger made several foolish mistakes and I don't have much sympathy for him. Aside from my opinion, the commercial does indeed utilize classical conditioning, and you did a good job of pointing that out.

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