Baby Brains

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There are plenty of psychology concepts that I will need to use later in life: the theories of learning for teaching and raising children, the "Big Five" personality traits, and the three stage theory of memory. But what interests me most on a purely "cool" level is the development of infant psychology.

Meanwhile, watch this cute baby use sticky mittens. It's cute because it is hilariously uncoordinated.

I find it completely fascinating at how simple tasks are impossible for infants and even young children. It's hard for us to imagine not having a "theory of mind" to understand other points of view. Equally as astonishing is how fast these mental abilities develop in children and how relatively universal the age is that these developments unfold at. My niece is still a baby, and it will be interesting to watch her develop when I know certain milestones that occur.

While I feel that infants are very simple in regards to my previous examples, I can still marvel at how complex of a learning machine they are. The study of universal adaptability towards phonemes shows how powerful the human brain is even at a young age. From now on, I won't look at a baby as a small, babbling ball of soft flesh. It is a learning machine, just as complex as we are.


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I think it's amazing as well how infants aren't able to do some of the everyday tasks that we would consider simple and not necessarily even think about when we perform such tasks. I thought depth perception was an interesting concept myself and how some babies were willing to crawl across the glass table that looked like a cliff while others were more hesitant to do so. I also find it amusing that you will have fun watching your niece develop with the milestones, where as these ones will be more psychology related rather than just watching her sit up, crawl, stand, etc., you will be watching for more of recognitions and perceptions. That should be cool to witness now that you know all about it!

I completely agree with this. I never really took the time to think about how children think differently than we do, because it was always just merely an understanding that they simply didn't understand. One of the things that I found interesting was the sense of egocentrism in children, where they can't take on the perspective of other people. It never occurred to me that that was an actual thing.

Theory of mind, functional fixedness, mental set, and conservationism are especially interesting to me. It seems that when you are younger you lack the ability to think outside the box, and its important to realize how important that strength is.

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