Boredom Made Me a Lie Dector

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Looking to cope with my Sunday night boredom, I decided to escape to the ever so popular website A website devoted to helping people over come their boredom as well as teaching people a thing or two. On this particular Sunday night I stumbled upon an article that has forever made me immune to humanities weak attempts of lies and deviations. "How to Detect Lies" an article found on was an article that may not be "reference material" but it is something I came upon in my daily life that is psychology related and reminded me of the text from last weeks discussion.
The website made me aware of many gestures that people make while socializing that very well may be signs of a liar in disguise. Things such as hand, arm and leg movements are toward their own body, hands will be touching their faces, throat or mouth, gestures and expressions will not match their verbal statements, and the guilty person will often get defensive. An innocent person will go on the offensive side of the situation. Other verbal signals were also noted within the article, a liar may use words you used in the previous question to make an answer a question, the guilty person may speak more than natural, and will tend to add unnecessary details to convince you, and they are not comfortable with silence or pauses in the conversation. Now, as you take this information I gracefully decided to share with you, think about how often or how reliable these methods of lie detection are seen in real life? Do you find that non verbal and verbal gestures can be used to identify lies?


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I think the article you stumbled upon is somewhat interesting, but at the same time I don't know how reliable those gestures or nonverbal behaviors are when it comes to detect a liar. I think a lot of these behaviors do point to a liar in disguise, but we can't infer that someone is lying based solely on these actions. We need to take other circumstances into consideration as well.

The gestures you mentioned all are reasonable give-aways fro lying. However, they are also used in other circumstances, such as convincing someone you are telling the truth (when you actually are being truthful).

I find this entry very interesting. I have always wondered how people can be human lie detectors and if this is even possible. I feel that nonverbal cues and body gestures are extremely telling when it comes to determining when people are lying. When I think back on a time when someone lied to me, it is pretty easy to remember the strange gesture they made and the fact that they became so defensive during the conversation. Over all, gestures and nonverbal cues are very helpful when determining whether someone is telling the truth or not.

I have downloaded a software to my iphone. It's a lie-detecting tool. It depends on your heart beat, voice and skin vibration to judge wheather you lie when you put your finger under the camera. It's a funny game but I don't believe it. Similarly, I don't too believe lie dector. But, I prefer to believe that we can find out some cues if people lie by observing their nonverbal behaviors. I think when they are lying, they have focus on making up stories. For that, they sometimes ingnor their nonverbal behaviors,such as facial expressions. This a pretty interesting topic.

From reading this article, it is interesting about what you first said, about the person leaning in towards their body. Also, do you think that people tend to sweat and smile more when they are lying? I can never tell. But most of the time those are things I look at. As well as the things you mentioned. That is quite true too, especially about the details part. But of course anything is hard to determine just by looks and speech if that is normally the way the person acts.

The article is interesting, and I think many people display nonverbal cues and can give away lies. But, at the same time, I know people who are very good liars. I think it also depends on people's cultures and backgrounds. I don't think people can just tell when all people are lying.

This is a great article. The reason I stopped to read your blog post was because 1. I saw stumbleupon and couldn't resist seeing what this was all about, and 2. Believe it or not I stumbled upon the exact same article a few weeks ago. The one part that really caught my eye was when they were discussing the warning signs of how to catch a liar. I knew most of that stuff already so it wasn't much of a shock, but the one part where it says a guilty person will speak more than natural. I never thought about that before, but it's really true, and I'm going to try and watch for that now on. Great find!

This article was really informative and it reminded me of a television show that drew on this same concept. The show is called "Lie to Me" and the plot revolves around a man who reads facial features for the cops to help them solve their cases. What I found super interesting about the show is that they would explain a certain gesture that might mean the other person is lying or maybe distressed. Then right before they cut to a commercial, they would show a clip of a well know person, like President Clinton or the Queen of England, exhibiting that exact same gesture. It was interesting to make the connection between what was being shown on the show and real world situations because you realized just how much you tell through your body language and how well, if you pay attention, you can read the body language of others.

I think this is a very interesting post. Although I think that there are certain indicators that can cue people in that someone is lying, I think that people should not use physical gestures and verbal variations to decide if a person is lying. For example, people may have a habit of displaying nervous behavior although they are not lying. A New York Times article describes that a person may seem composed when they are lying to try to deceive the other person. The article also explains other findings detailing the detection of liars.

Link to article:

I realize that the NYTimes article is old, but here is another article from last year that discusses detecting liars and facial movements.

This post was very interesting. I have noticed that I sometimes just get a feeling that somebody is lying when talking to them, but I don't know why I think that. It's quite possible that many of these cues led me to believe they were lying, but I just didn't realize it. It will be interesting now that I know what to pay attention to when I think someone might be lying.

Its always interesting to hear what people have to say about lying, and how they determine if someone is lying or not. May it be by different social gestures or social cues. Whether or not these gestures and cues are completely accurate may not be known but often times people have different habits, such as losing eye contact with a person. This may not be because they are lying but rather they are nervous, or uncomfortable. It is really important on how people find these gestures and cues, and what they feel is actually happening through the person they are conversing with.

Interesting article. I have found that I am a notoriously bad liar as everyone close to me can always tell when I am lying. While this has kept me honest, it can sometimes be annoying. When reading the article I realized that I do make some of these gestures. Perhaps now I can get away with a few fabrications of the truth!

I really like this post, I have looked into this some while i was very bored. I have used this while talking to some of my friends and have been able to tell when they were not telling the truth. And this is probably how people can tell when I am not telling the truth too haha.

I think that it is very interesting to look at the different cues that are mentioned in the article. I feel like some of my friends that I have had for a long time have certain cues that I can look for right away when trying to tell whether or not they are true or not.

I don't know if their are any absolute universal signs of lying, because I think a lot of people have their own strategy. A lot of my friends are different in how they try and deceive other people, including myself. It gets really hard to tell when someone is telling something that is partially true, and partially a lie, because they mix their gestures and mannerisms together sometimes and can make it impossible to tell.

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