'Cause you got, personality!

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Lately while at work, our radio station has been set to the sounds of the late 50's and early 60's. As I go about my job, I often find myself humming along to songs from The Temptations or The Supremes but lately I've had one song stuck inside my head and oddly enough, its about personality. What does this have to do with psychology you might ask? Well, it got me thinking about the relationship between personality and behavior. During class I was placed in the "artist" group otherwise known as the introverts. Generally, I consider myself an introvert but I'm always thinking about how I act when meeting new people, which is shy and quiet but when I'm with people I know, I have no problem being loud, funny and the life of the party. Which makes me think, while I may score like an introvert, it doesn't last for very long once you get to know me. My personality might be described as quiet, flighty or unaware but certain circumstances in life have shaped my behavior to be more like an extrovert in some cases and more of an introvert in others. Either way, my personality defines me in the broadest of terms but like Lloyd Price says "I'll be a fool for you, 'cause you got, personality!" and that is something I'll take with me when I graduate.


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I really enjoyed this blog post for two reasons. The first being is that I agree with everything you said. I scored on being introverted, but when I'm with people who really know me, that is when I am extremely extroverted as you said. The second being, I read your first sentence and was immediately hooked because those old songs from the 50s and 60s are just too catchy to ignore. Great post.

I would also agree with you. I'm introverted when I first meet people, but become more extroverted once I get to know them. I don't like coming off as really talkative when I first meet people, and I find myself either being really quiet or more outgoing depending on what kind of environment I'm in and how many people I'm around.

Excellent post! I'm the same way, so I know what you mean. But I had a friend in the personality program in our department describe it to me this way: extraverts are energized by being around; introverts are energized by being alone. That is why I am sometimes come across extraverted (that and being agreeable) but score as and consider myself to be an introvert. Maybe that's the same for you...

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