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When I look back on my Psychology 1001 experience in five years, the concept I am going to remember and use the most are memory aids such mnemonics and the Method of Loci (oh the irony of remembering learning tricks). The first reason I'm am going to remember these ideas because they are extremely simple (I've been using mnemonics since I was a young child). The usefulness of mnemonics stretches from when I started learning the music staff for piano (Every Good Boy Does Fine!) at age seven up to now, memorizing concepts and keywords for classes. The second reason I know I will remember these techniques is their everyday usefulness in school, work, and everyday random activities. For example, the method of Loci is ideal for perfecting that long presentation or speech for class or the important business meeting. As a whole, remembering these memory techniques (enough with the irony already) will help me gain a competitive edge by allowing me to recall ideas and information easier, faster, and more accurately, thus giving me a competitive edge in life, school, and ultimately the workplace. 536671_f520.jpg


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This post rings so true! Especially because I am pretty sure that everyone has used mnemonics SOME time in their life. For a majority, it is the only way they are able to remember and learn. I never thought that such a simple memorization idea could help people of all ages. Personally, this is especially true in learning music for the first time. Learning music for the first time can be really confusing, from all the jumbled up letters to notes on the staff. Organization of all this "mess" is what mnemonics can help with.

This is one of the topics which I found I would remember the most so I am glad that you posted about it. It was a very interesting blog post and it made me think back to the mnemonic device my music teacher made for this which was, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. I still remember that even though I learned it almost 10 years ago! That just shows that these mnemonic devices will be in our heads forever. Nice post again.

I've always been struck by how effective mnemonic devices are; it seems like it doesn't even matter what the phrase is, I remember it forever no matter how little sense it makes!
They have definitely helped me remember many things in my life and will continue to do so.

Sometimes I have trouble with remembering certain things. Throughout all my years of school I have made anagrams to help me memorize things for tests. I also do this with any important information. It actually helps a lot and instead of memorizing harder words I'm not familiar with I memorize words that I do know and know the concept that goes with it.

It is definitely ironic!! Remembering tricks to remembering :) Mnemonic devices have helped me pass so many tests, haha. With your photo of the music above, I totally remember doing that in middle school, and it worked! Mnemonics are great because I remember things still from when I was learning them back in elementary school.

I loved your example! It reminds me of learning how to play bass, and I really depended on those mnemonics to learn how to read music.

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