Mind the Jackelopes

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My friend thought the jackelope was a real creature. It isn't that absurd, we all fall prey to loopholes in our thinking.


As this semester has progressed and my understanding of psychology has grown, I have also gained an understanding of the importance of scientific thinking. This theme of scientific thinking is one of the most crucial components of psychology, hence the first question of each chapter quiz. It was difficult at first to identify the heuristics and loopholes of our human thought processes, but I have gained a solid understanding now that our semester is coming to a close. These basic keys of scientific thinking are useful in everyday life.
It is important to be skeptical of surroundings and to trust instincts and interpretations. Understanding the ways of scientific thinking has made me incredibly aware of the potential faults of my interpretations of the world. In a modern world in which it is nearly impossible to avoid the intrusive bombardment of media and advertisement, I believe it is important to have a strong mind that can identify faults in the claims made by corporations and agencies. The world is threatened by the ease at which one can become a cognitive miser. Being aware of lazy thinking and simple shortcuts has made me more able to interpret the world in a genuine way.


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I couldn't agree more, we must question things that we are told about and told to do becasue if we dont the world will not be a good place. The more we question things the more we are thinking for ourselves which is a good thing.

Before I enrolled in this class, I wasn't entirely superstitious, but I did entertain the possibility of a few extraordinary claims. Learning about biases and heuristics and such helped me to realize the implausibility of such claims. Psychology has given me a lot of healthy skepticism which should protect me from unreasonable beliefs.

Hilarious.. I spelled "Jackalope" wrong. Ironic.

I like how you put this. I agree that one of the biggest things I took away from the course was on this topic. I almost wrote about it, instead of on memory. I found it interesting that the textbook was very repetitive on this topic throughout every chapter. This type of thinking really helps with analyzing misleading advertisements and products.

I actually wrote a very similar post for this blog assignment! I agree that Scientific Thinking Principles are are probably the most important thing we learn in psych. Whether you want to be a psychologist, or just to be able to effectively evaluate media messages, these principles are important to keep in mind. In fact, I found them very useful just last week while writing an argumentative research paper for my writing class.

I really liked your final blog. I also agree that scientific thinking is a very important topic that we covered this semester. I really like the picture you posted and your example of the media because it goes to show/teach about the extraordinary claims

I completely agree. I think people tend to accept what an authority says blindly instead of questioning it. I think it's really valuable to be able to intelligently question whether correlation means causation. It's also important to be able to ask yourself whether Occam's razor applies as well.

I just wanted to say that you're title and first sentence of this blog post had me so puzzled that it made me read your entire post. I'm going to admit that I myself believed that jackalopes were also real creatures, and surprisingly it took a Psychology blog post to tell me that I am wrong. I also agree with everything that you said in your blog post, and especially the part you said about having a strong mind to tell when firms and corporations are trying to scam you. That is a important trait to have in life.

It's extremely important for us to stay mindful of the heuristics and biases that define our daily living. You touched on this very well in your post. Confirmation bias can be especially harmful to intellectual pursuits - what would have happened if you had actively sought evidence of the jackalope?

I found this post funny because at first, I though jackalopes were real. Haha. I can be a gullible person at times, and other times, I have to be strongly persuaded that something is true. It's important to not fall into the cognitive miser as you stated.

Your picture really caught my attention but anyways your topic also caught my attention! it is very important to be mindful of heuristics and confirmation bias along with other things that allow us to be gullible. I know I sometimes can be a very gullible but I understand it is important to be aware that i should not believe everything i hear.

The picture is dope. It is not important to be mindful of heuristics and confirmation bias along with other things that allow us to be gullible. I am never gullible and I don't understand that it is important to be aware that I should believe everything I hear.

I also agree that the scientific thinking methods will be very beneficial not only to psychology majors, but to the other sciences as well.

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